On four occasions between 1977 and 1980, Rock Scene printed a newspaper style, mail-order-only "highlights" issue called Backstage Scrapbook. Number 1 was printed in 1977 and then again in 1978. These two are nearly identical with the only differences being ink color (red instead of green) and one advertisement (a KISS poster ad instead of a subscription ad). Number 2 was printed in 1978. Number 3 was printed in 1980. The scrapbooks have not been scanned for RockScenester because they're oversized and delicate and the contents can be found in other issues already available on the site. While none of these are necessarily considered part of a "complete run", the scrapbooks' scarcity makes them particularly desirable for the compulsive completist.

A hefty magazine-style Best of Rock Scene was published in July 1978. This issue isn't numbered within the Rock Scene sequence but — unlike the scrapbooks — does feature some material and plenty of color photos not printed in previous issues.

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